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Goodwill Bins Outlet Thrift Haul | Reselling on eBay | How to Make MONEY! [Video]

The goodwill outlet, aka the bins, can be CRAZY. But items are sold by the pound and can be very profitable when selling on platforms like eBay! Check out some of the stuff we came across this trip. Shoes, clothes, and a bag!#thrifthaul #ebayseller #reseller #thrifting #goodwill #goodwilloutlethaul #ecommerce #howtomakemoneyonline #howtomakemoneyasateenager #howtomakemoneyonebay #thriftwithme #thriftstorefinds #fliporflop #ebayreseller #ebay

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A Celebration of Bob Ferguson’s birthday and Fairfield Sustainability Achievements and Action Plans [Video]

Sustainable Living Coalition Eco Barn in Fairfield, Iowa • September 10, 2022:A Celebration of Bob Ferguson’s birthday as well as Fairfield Sustainability Achievements and Action Plans for the FutureProgram:• Music by Jenny Sammons and Andy Toepel• Mayor Connie Boyer: Sustainable Visions for Fairfield, Iowa Building on Success; My Shared Vision for Fairfield• Rachel Hillier, Fairfield Sustainability Coordinator:Upcoming sustainability plans and projectsBuilding a Vibrant and Resilient Fairfield• Bringing the Protect Our Planet (POP) Festival to Fairfield• Bill Teeple, ICON Gallery Artistic Director: The Role of the Arts Community in the Success and Development of Fairfield• Jocelyn Engman, Owner, Pickle Creek HerbsBuilding the Fairfield Economy Through Local Agriculture and Value Added Products• Barbara Stone, Executive Director, Southeast Iowa Food HubMaking Local Food Widely Available and Affordable• Faith Reeves, Coordinator of the Fairfield Garden ProjectFood Security From Our Back Yard Gardens• David Fisher, Ph.D. Botanist and author of Just Grow It YourselfThe Superiority of the Garden Food System to the Industrial Food System————The Sustainable Living Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit operated by a board of dedicated community members in Fairfield Iowa who have come together to promote sustainable living practices in our region. Our focus is on building our local food system and regenerative agriculture practices, promoting the adoption of renewable energy, tackling the challenge of food insecurity, and becoming a physical hub of education and community engagement at our Sustainable Education and Enterprise Design Center campus Eco Barn Event Center. The Eco Barn is a straw bale event center melding sustainable energy, water, and waste systems with refined, rustic charm.Bob Ferguson is the Executive Director of The Sustainable Living Coalition. He is a dynamic entrepreneur, social innovator, and sustainability leader, not only in Fairfield, Iowa, but throughout the US and beyond.For more information: ——————————-Video produced by Werner Elmker Audio-Visual StudioWerner Elmker is an award-winning independent Danish/American multimedia artist specializing in videography, photography, graphic design and piano/keyboard/vocal music. In his visual and musical creations, Werner emphasizes the importance of improvisation as the primary source of all great art forms.YouTube – – –