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Eco-Friendly Travel

Sustainability and Study Abroad-Episode 1: Sustainable Travel Tips [Video]

Sustainability and Study Abroad-Episode 1: Sustainable Travel Tips

In this session, Dr. Suzanne Willever, Associate Director, Academics and Outreach at Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses, and Rebecca Collins, Director of Sustainability at Temple discuss the complementary goals of study abroad and sustainability. You’ll learn about:

– Temple’s climate action plan
– The impact of travel on climate change
– The benefits of travel for tourism
– Actions you can take to travel more sustainably while enhancing your study abroad experience

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Eco-Friendly Travel

Royal Caribbean Supports Students Of Amaro Primary School On Lelepa Island [Video]

In keeping with its Blue Green Promise to support sustainable ocean communities, Royal Caribbean International has partnered with Amaro Primary School on Lelepa Island, Vanuatu, to provide needed educational resources to local students. As the only school based on Lelepa Island, Amaro Primary Sc ...