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Sustainable Lifestyle



In this video, i give you 45 frugal living tips to save money that actually work and that will help you to save money in 2022 and beyond. Frugal living is becoming more popular and its never been more relevant as we face a cost of living crisis. Often frugality is associated with being cheap but in this video, i show that you don’t have to live a boring life to save money and you will see that many of these frugal living tips can be started straight away. Some of these frugal living tips will save you a lot of money and others not as much but in the long run it all adds up.

I include a mixture of well-known frugal living hacks for those who are just starting out with frugal living as well as some unique frugal living tips that you may not have heard of before so hopefully, you can save money!

Side Hustles Anyone Can Do: https://youtu.be/ad3qvzB48d4

Cost Of Living Crisis Tips: https://youtu.be/DUNEUBBEYvM

00:00 – Intro
01:12 – Cut Your Hair Less
01:55 – Carry A Water Bottle
03:02 – Stop Buying Expensive Drinks
04:39 – Gym Memberships
06:15 – Transport
07:28 – Use Cash Instead Of Cards
08:10 – Wait Before Making Big Purchases
08:46 – Is This An Essential Purchase?
09:10 – Can You Afford This Item?
09:22 – Use Price Comparison Websites
10:07 – Wait To Buy Items
11:05 – Unsubscribe From Promotional Emails
11:22 – Use Coupon Browser Extensions
11:48 – Buy Quality Goods
12:32 – Buy Second Hand Products
13:19 – Take Care Of Your Goods
14:30 – Sell Stuff You Don’t Need
15:07 – Do A No Spend Challenge
15:28 – Quit Bad Habits
16:05 – Shop Around For Utilities
16:30 – Reduce Entertainment Expenses
17:06 – Reduce Your Streaming Subscriptions
17:47 – Travel With Less
18:30 – Swap To A More Budget Supermarket
18:37 – Downgrade Your Food Products
18:56 – Prepare Your Own Food
19:04 – Buy Food In Season
19:08 – Meal Plan
19:16 – Check Reduced Section
19:32 – Freeze Food Before It Goes Off
19:40 – Eat Less Meat
19:50 – Best Before / Eat By Dates
20:14 – Batch Cook
20:31 – Stop Eating Take Aways
21:10 – Look In Your Food Cupboards And Fridge
21:22 – Look At The Price Per KG
21:30 – Prices Vary By Supermarket
21:42 – Go To The Supermarket Less
21:49 – Grow Your Own Veg
22:07 – Use Food Wasteage Apps
22:23 – Keep a Change Jar
22:44 – Change Your Housing Situation
23:10 – Stop Tumble Drying Clothes
23:20 – Reduce Your Heating Bill
23:45 – Keep Others In Check
24:06 – Outro

Water Bottle Link: https://amzn.to/3SjTIK6
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Please note the information in this video is not financial advice and if you want financial advice you should seek a licensed professional. Also, past performance is not indicative of future results and all trading involves risk where there is potential to lose your capital. All views in this video are my own. Affiliates links are contained in this description.

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Sustainable Lifestyle

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